Wednesday, December 15, 2010


fluttering thin silk curtains layered and layered till eternity swirling and dancing changing colors and making moving patterns as it traps the dew drops in the moonlight which seeps through the gaps in the dark dark clouds and the intermittent rain as i sit silent i sit alone i sit on that single chair with miles and miles of thick trees and shrubs and green and light green and more dark green all so alive and silent and intensely calm as i sit for ages on the cold rough stone chair and watch the sky spilt into pieces by silent lightning all over the chair touching wrapping my whole naked body and my feet so rooted in the fresh dampness of grassy earth and there is no one and nobody and no being other than the breeze and the trees and thoughts from some far away land which softly touch the mind like the dew on the silk and i sit and i sit and sit and i smile and the lightnings pause to bow to the glow that light up softly gently through the silk all the way to the other world

Monday, November 8, 2010


your smile still hangs in mid air….suspended without hooks, strings on nails and the like…long after you seeped out through the little gaps and holes I left in between the piled up words and stacked songs and sticky touches and webby stories….all of which came up bit by bit by bit…without you or even me knowing…or maybe it is without us seeing, but knowing, but not seeing…till all these towered above us shutting out everything else and making us swim in their shadows and breathe in their smell and be touched by their sweat which we rubbed gently on each other to cover the naked parts of us that glowed as we talked and understood and touched and nibbled to undress each other of everything that we wore…inside and outside…till our world grew so large with just the two of us and that outside got smaller and smaller and finally got stuffed in a full stop. period. then you just seeped through the hole and slipped out. into the full stop. still your smile hangs in here. without hooks, strings on nails and the like. you gone. seeped out. naked. without the smile. into the full stop. period.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

to she who.......

hey she who hasn’t escaped, I touch what you said. I feel it with my fingertips, I scoop the words in my palm and let it slip thru my fingers…slowly. they fall on the dark cold granite floor…like a bunch of tiny tiny steel balls….they scatter, they bounce, they sing, they dance, they paint the air with the screams stolen from the nightmares that you had wrapped around tighter and tighter around you for comfort. nightmares that saved you for a little wee bit longer from opening your eyes to yet another plastic and paint and synthetic and wtf, yet another day…with the only lingering connection with love is the dried wet patch on the bedsheet marking the spot of the act like a tombstone…it even smells of death of some dreams and if you have the courage to put your face on it you could hear the skeletons rattle in the coffin which you had built so nicely…where you hide those little toys and dolls you play with, those little bits of ribbon and pieces of broken bangles of every color of the rainbow and those little crayons with which you write those words which glow with stark darkness which gets me to fly into them and get so brunt ….and give out a stink of my flesh.. for you to sniff and sniff and slowly follow as it leads you to this place where you can come…where the mind can swing on the noose and dance and the body can shed its masks and come alive to some cool rain drops and some gentle touch and run with some wolves and dance in the wilderness to some strange music and draw more patterns in the sand telling untold stories and unsung poems …stories and poems which will be sung and sung aloud by many who travel the wild path around fires and after love and as tired sleep creeps on their minds…and they will thank you, for your escape gave them meaning. meaning To live. To love. To escape.

Friday, June 18, 2010


thick n sticky
like thoughts
in the mind
had leaked
ears, nose
blinking eyes
yawning mouth
to let the world
really happens
2 min 34 sec
for sunrise

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

an evening walk

roaches walking on stilts
plucking ripe orange eyes
half-eaten by bats
flying wearing darkglasses
little baby rabbits
burrow out pink fingers
by the glow of fireflies
trapped in glass bottles
the snake is at the bar
downing jack-on-the-rocks
bidding for the mermaid in the pool
to take home for the night
I walk swinging
Your smile in the bottle
looking around, looking under
ripping off bellies, digging out graves
for those bits and pieces
of mine
to sew on
to sew together
so that one day I can
eat with the rabbits and the bats
drink with the snake
and take the mermaid home
just for one night

Friday, May 7, 2010

one more smile

Your smile creeps from the words on the phone screen dangles for a moment on my finger, catches breath and then snakes up my hand tickling as it darts inside my sleeve up my shoulder, pause to nibble my ear-lobe and then treks up my eyebrow and then strips fully naked, dives into the still-dead-pool in my eye, creating lovely ripples that light up all that is inside and outside. One more smile pl. just for the other eye

Sunday, April 25, 2010

muse to muse

i wl be your muse
if only you wd be my witch
suck out my soul and spit it
into the cauldron and stir it
with your juice to spice it
the fire in your eyes to cook it
sip it and kiss feed me with it
lip to lip
kiss to kiss
muse to muse
wait for it to spread inside
you and me and us
and words to erupt
that wl scald the world
and scar it
for ever

Saturday, April 17, 2010

long day, young night

long day
young night
phantoms rise
on the checker board
finger tips move
tracing the path
a few killed
a few born
some pawned
some taken
none given
veils drop
shadows split
spirits merge
mind hangs
upside down
blind as a bat
no moves left
in the graveyard
the raven takes wings
in search of a moon
the bat still hangs
upside down
from her beak

Sunday, April 11, 2010

enough of these words

bury the words
in the womb
long before they are born
and learn what they
struggle to say
just by
smell touch taste
of every nook, corner
and crevice
on bare skin


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

so said the woman---7

baiting your thoughts
with my words
riding it
by its tail
as it gallops
i reach
the edge
of your mind
as it prowls
untamed by the warmth
of the grip of my thighs
reigned a bit by
my hand on the tail
what now
what next

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

stillness moves

the stillness moves
simmering bubbling frothing
in the eye
of the hurricane
the stillness moves
red hot and cold blue
untouched unmoved unattached
in the eye
of the hurricane
stillness moves
bursting spraying spreading
random thoughts feelings
sometimes scalding
sometimes freezing
never soothing
the eye
of the hurricane

Monday, February 22, 2010


garland of lilies lie
withering and heavy on your bosom-
dry taste of summer breeze
little spider stalks
gingerly on its own web-
time seeps through unnoticed
breeze blows dry dead lilies
black strands of broken web unstuck-
time moves riding your sigh


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

in the middle of that dark misty night, when all the lights went out, the moon was swallowed by the clouds, the stars blinked back their twinkle in fear, the wind tip toed touching the bare body with cold fingers, sitting at the door of that small room on the roof of that old hilltop house with cracked walls and cobwebed ceilings , as the glow of the cigerette tip died burning the fingers, the black cat who came in thru the back window was not seen, not heard but felt. felt like its soul burrowed a tunnel thru the mist and thru some hole in the body and reached deep inside and grabbed something there and sucked all debris out and connected and cleaned up the tube for us the me and the cat to connect, as we were of one tribe. it is so, that i feel you. now.

Monday, February 8, 2010

just some four letter words


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

to she on the orange chair

boredom hung listless matted tangled
heap of black long hair
hung all around from the head
as she sat on the orange plastic chair
the pain glows at the tip
as she draws life deep
plain blueish wisp
slowly drift and fade
damp twigs of thoughts
smolder in dying fire
come sweetheart
jump into the street
help paint the road
splattering abstract red
i wl catch your smile
mid air before it breaks
pour it into the empty jack bottle
and walk swinging it
in the middle of the night
lighting up the life
in that very street


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


mind keep chewing old thoughts, random memories..turning the essence like juice savored slowly swirled around the tongue…some fragments stay stuck in crevices between teeth…lips smile at the taste of the memory…living in a tiny body perched on a tiny planet rotating/revolving in a set path in a universe that is moving in a hurry somewhere at breakneck speed….the mind gets disoriented…too many things flash by through the window to the eternal space….even though there is stillness around…..we live stacked upon each other and feelings and thoughts struggle in the crowd to breathe, suddenly there comes a break as when the train rushes suddenly through a country side…we breathe fresh air….like caressing strands of old music drifting aimlessly with the breeze, like an unanticipated unadulterated kiss in the middle of a mundane-any-other-day, like the fleeting smile on the lips of a sleeping puppy ...the stink becomes just a memory for a few seconds….and eyes begin to sparkle looking ahead…making soft dreams out of all that is left and all that is gathered new.