Friday, July 29, 2011


perched over my ear

the spider

gently whispers

sweet nothings


its hairy legs

begin a slow dance

tickling the base

of the neck


the web moves

slowly back and forth

swinging me softly

to sweet surrender


mind shuts down

the body opens

the soul stirs

sprouting more spiders


from every crack

every corner and nook

deep inside

the safe darkness


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


tonite as you sleep in the darkness, if i have to take something away from you, let me take your eyes…let me scoop them out with my nails and wipe them clean on my jeans of the blood and stuff that they still ooze..let me then kiss them dry softly and look at them long and tender holding them in the cup of my palms…let me dive deep into them and taste your little thoughts which lie trapped without ever coming out…gently, with the tip of my tongue so that they don’t wake up and come alive all of a sudden…let them sleep…unknown to the world, in the deep pool of darkness in the eyes…let me turn those thoughts around and separate them one by one…with a bit of me that is wet and dissolves the thick glue that binds them together…then let me ever so slowly dry them with my breath…caressing them gently as they slowly wake up…untangled and whole…and start that dance in the deep dark pools within the eyes…let me waltz with each one, by one…let me hold then close to my body…their nakedness fresh and pulsating in rhythm with my heart beat…let me swirl in the pool with them…round and round and round inside the eyes..till there is sparkle and there is fire that smolder and there is the beginning of warmth…let me then leave them to dance on and on, and slowly climb out..out of the eyes that now light up everything around..and still holding them gently in my palm, let me open your eyelids and place them back…let me kiss you on those very eyes…let my tongue glue them firm in the sockets…and then again, let me let you sleep…the sparkle and the warmth from the eyes spreading to all nooks and corners inside your body…let me see the fine strands of hair around your navel shiver as the warmth spread…let me, gently tiptoe out of your room…let me let you wake up to the lovely solitude in the warmth of darkness…glowing with the light from your eyes…