Thursday, March 27, 2008

so said the woman

stranger, when we meet
pl remember
you dont know me
any better than I know myself
after we smile at sunsets
share the walk in the rain
bring out the shy side of the moon
tickle each funny bone
when i throw the icecream
in a tantrum at your face
make me lick it off
dont sulk
when I dance on the table top
after two tequilas
with my skirt riding high
flirting with your friend
with Brad Pitt butt
drag me home
and love me
boz my world has (and needs)
a few jagged edges
to keep me alive
as much as
you are you
I would still be

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


strands of hair
on your shirt
but no thread of guilt
in your smile
slight smudge of lipstick
on your collar
but no shadow hiding
the twinkle in your eyes
wisp of her smell
on your body
but no trace of tiredness
in your eagerness
vines of doubt
hanging from my mind
but nothing to swing
or tie you up with

Friday, March 7, 2008


soft little feather
escapes the thick foliage
dances thru the sieved light
soft strands tickling
slowly floats
down the forgotten well
savoring the silence
slicing thick air
touching the cold
unseen ripples
spreading thru the deep pool
a bit of spray
jumps up
drenching the musty walls
refreshing dampness
sweet smell swells
no one’s seen this
heard this
felt this
did it happen