Tuesday, January 5, 2010


mind keep chewing old thoughts, random memories..turning the essence like juice savored slowly swirled around the tongue…some fragments stay stuck in crevices between teeth…lips smile at the taste of the memory…living in a tiny body perched on a tiny planet rotating/revolving in a set path in a universe that is moving in a hurry somewhere at breakneck speed….the mind gets disoriented…too many things flash by through the window to the eternal space….even though there is stillness around…..we live stacked upon each other and feelings and thoughts struggle in the crowd to breathe, suddenly there comes a break as when the train rushes suddenly through a country side…we breathe fresh air….like caressing strands of old music drifting aimlessly with the breeze, like an unanticipated unadulterated kiss in the middle of a mundane-any-other-day, like the fleeting smile on the lips of a sleeping puppy ...the stink becomes just a memory for a few seconds….and eyes begin to sparkle looking ahead…making soft dreams out of all that is left and all that is gathered new.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

its good to see prose from you after a long time.
You write so beautifully :-)

sift said...

like the passing away of a wind in the memory of yesterday.:-)