Friday, September 25, 2009

a night, a drive and death

dark wind
sings as it dances
rooted in the sand
the lonely tree joins
shrubs whirl past
moving in reverse
limbs split to strands
by cold cutting wind
death licks the bugs
off the windscreen for starters
its breath frosting the glass
cutting off the road
reason panics
trapped inside
opens the window
takes flight
laughter shakes the car
upside down
the main course served
with warm sticky sauce
full, death explodes
embedding bits and pieces
deep inside the rest there
and a few away elsewhere

Saturday, September 12, 2009


the dreams
are back
the cat
the raven
the snake
One ate
the Other’s cry
lest it pierce
the Third’s eye
but the Third’s eyes bore
twin holes in One
bleeding out the cry
taunting it to try
One wrapped the oozing cry
In its voice and went mute
the Other opened its beak
to swallow the echoes growling at the peaks
the Third uncoiled the time
blurring this piece of space
eyes flipped inside out
to the sets
of real illusion

Sunday, September 6, 2009

monsoon afternoon

cubes of silence
fresh from the ice tray
slowly melt
on the bare back
of your whispers
half asleep
the fingers of my thoughts
trace the wet trail
teasing the skin
life pauses
listning to music
of aftternoon rain
your bedside clock beeps
struggling to push
the heavy time along