Saturday, April 17, 2010

long day, young night

long day
young night
phantoms rise
on the checker board
finger tips move
tracing the path
a few killed
a few born
some pawned
some taken
none given
veils drop
shadows split
spirits merge
mind hangs
upside down
blind as a bat
no moves left
in the graveyard
the raven takes wings
in search of a moon
the bat still hangs
upside down
from her beak


diipo said...

is this some kind of lullaby?

Shoonyata said...

diipo: :))) no, my friend, this is not a will have nightmares :)

moochhi said...

very surreal

pearl said...

I know that you have a penchant for nocturnal creatures..... But at least choose something that perches in normal positions....(owl for eg;)

Have to say that it rakes up the darker side of my mind! well written.