Wednesday, January 13, 2010

to she on the orange chair

boredom hung listless matted tangled
heap of black long hair
hung all around from the head
as she sat on the orange plastic chair
the pain glows at the tip
as she draws life deep
plain blueish wisp
slowly drift and fade
damp twigs of thoughts
smolder in dying fire
come sweetheart
jump into the street
help paint the road
splattering abstract red
i wl catch your smile
mid air before it breaks
pour it into the empty jack bottle
and walk swinging it
in the middle of the night
lighting up the life
in that very street



moochhi said...

like the last stanza - it is light and sings...very different from the dark intensity of most of your poetry

Shahina said...

Beautiful...escaping to a light and dreamy dimension from heavy boredom...

sift said...

lovely lovely. There is a major transformation in your poetry. Moving away from ted hughes' touch. and i like this too.

Anonymous said...

exquisite I felt it

feedmypod said...

Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Happy blogging! :)

Ira said...

this is soo beautiful. I am speechless really! should i say thank you?? heck yea! i like this better than my own.

Shoonyata said...

Moochi: writing is changing a bit as i started exploring prose too

Shahina: thanks :)))

Sift: Ditto as to Moochi

Little Sun/feedmypod: Thanks for dropping by...glad you liked it

Ira: Thank you !!!Welcome to this space...wl visit your blog and experience it

Nothingman said...

that was brilliant, a smile in a jar!

Beautiful :D

Rock on!


Shoonyata said...

Thanks N, smile in a jar...lovely :))) thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was really great...words are simply words though only some with a gift can make them sound beautiful.