Thursday, May 24, 2007

Missing the snakeman

moon light through the window
gives life to the blind’s shadow
lifting itself
to a sensuous dance
pitter patter raindrops
incessant drumming of random thoughts
dampness in the air, tiredness of the spirit
a shed skin somewhere, lying soaking wet
fragrance of raw flesh
brought by the roaming cloud
stirring hidden longings
rising slowly like the snakeman’s hood
the rain stops
as the moon sleeps
and stealing back the fragrance
the cloud moves
knotted feelings untie,
as the snake uncoils somewhere
the mind lets go
sleep creeps in,
but the heart lingers….

Friday, May 18, 2007

Kiss of life

I would have your body
what use your mind
which plays war games
stinking corpses of reason
or your soul
perched on a tree top
waiting to pounce
on the passing god
keep your mind in the fridge
to chill
and drop your soul in the letterbox
to god
come, let me start loving you
with a kiss of life

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Wind and the Sea

today I hold your hand
today I walk with you
today i hold your hand
as the waves hold the wind
so close but not clinging
so far but fingers kissing
today i walk with you
not as shadow to a body
but as fragrance moves with memories
as images move on melodies
today I hold your hand
today i walk with you
today i smile at the same sunset
which paints a glow on you
free to float with the waves
free to ride the breeze
free to bathe in the stream
free to kiss the sunlight
with no chains and norms
with no whys and whynots
yet the rocks changing a bit
with the caress of each wave
and the beach made a bit smoother
with each kiss of the blowing breeze

Friday, May 11, 2007

God @ Thiruvannamalai Parikrama

next to her
the trees were young
the skin rough as barks
weathered by age and hunger
she walked the night with me
no I walked the night with her
she took in my pain
thru her blistered feet
and smiled it out
shaming the moon a bit
and on her dark shoulder
soaked with smelly sweat
I found God
peacefully sleeping
and with out fear

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mushroom Manager

get them
break them
drug them
bond them
scare them
F them
break them more
drug them more
scare them more
F again
and again
the fear
the pain
the anger
the bond
the love
the joy
have never