Monday, January 22, 2007

Mind Control

TV, cable and billboards
laptop video and ipods
push, squash & re-do
the mind like mashed potato
the hot new liquid chip
blue green and cheap
implanted in the brain
will flush the mind down the drain
but the soul flies free
with photos and poetry...:)
This got triggered by the post on Morgana's blog
"control mental versus lavardo de cerebro"
great poetry in photos !

Thursday, January 18, 2007

As The Year Falls

the act waltz to a close
just as lights fade and curtain falls
to mark the end of the year's play
yet the applause lingers to stay
the heart is so full
of the part played so well
within the script and feel
and the directors' spell
yet a few times straying out
as the soul yearns to break out
wanting to change the lines and cast
go back and modify the past
still the urge to keep playing
many a role that keep unfolding
at work, at love, as a friend
while the act and truth closely bind
much after the dusk falls
and shadows climb on granite walls
the cast and the world gone to sleep
weariness on mind and body creep
look into myself in the mirror so deep
and smile at what is true and what is not
twinkling darkness in the eye
viels restless dance of a firefly
peel off a bit of paint
tear off a bit of mask
tape together the New Year look
am ready for the next act :)