Monday, August 31, 2009

controlled insanity

deep purple patches
wearing goofy grins
skateboard wild n’ blind
up and down the dancing smile
strange winds blow away
crutches on amputed reason
blurring everything black and white
to smudging shades of colorful grey
little glowing dots
step out of dark nooks
lighting up uncurling tentacles
tickling insanity to life
come, piggyback ,
free fall with me
no chutes
no gliders
no net
smash down and paint
the dark gloomy sky
with splattering lovely red
or maybe
splash into the blue green
puddle of dreams
forever wet
what say

Monday, August 17, 2009

so said the woman---6

i want to make
a baby with you
allow our thoughts
to shed what they wear
hold hands and slowly slither
down and around
that untroden trail
many a time we saw
we sniffed and stood
right at the edge
peering over the hedge
i want to make
a baby with you
allow our minds
to wander free
where hands wont touch
and the lips wont kiss
to those little dark corners
where the toungues long
to make music
to all those moves
shackled and buried deep
where music is deaf
and waltz is lame
i want to make
a baby with you
the colorful hues in your eyes
the fountain that bursts at my finger tips
those little sharp edges
scraped off your mind
and the warm sticky clay
spinning on the wheel inside me
where my hands dont reach


the tips of our hair tickles
and unfolds the skin
and the wiff of our breath
follows the tongue
rainbows explode
lighting the universe
i want to make
a baby with you