Wednesday, May 26, 2010

an evening walk

roaches walking on stilts
plucking ripe orange eyes
half-eaten by bats
flying wearing darkglasses
little baby rabbits
burrow out pink fingers
by the glow of fireflies
trapped in glass bottles
the snake is at the bar
downing jack-on-the-rocks
bidding for the mermaid in the pool
to take home for the night
I walk swinging
Your smile in the bottle
looking around, looking under
ripping off bellies, digging out graves
for those bits and pieces
of mine
to sew on
to sew together
so that one day I can
eat with the rabbits and the bats
drink with the snake
and take the mermaid home
just for one night

Friday, May 7, 2010

one more smile

Your smile creeps from the words on the phone screen dangles for a moment on my finger, catches breath and then snakes up my hand tickling as it darts inside my sleeve up my shoulder, pause to nibble my ear-lobe and then treks up my eyebrow and then strips fully naked, dives into the still-dead-pool in my eye, creating lovely ripples that light up all that is inside and outside. One more smile pl. just for the other eye