Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog 2nd Anniversary---repeat of 1st post

Life is a breeze and I am trying to grab the scent as it blows…….as one would grab the remnants of a dream before it fades, as one would linger on the look which races the heart beat , as one would etch the memory of the towering mountains before leaving the wilderness……scent comes in wisps…soft as a baby's touch and as pure as its smile…it is fleeting as the smile which touches the eyes, as haunting as the tune long forgotten…the scent of virgin rain on mud, the scent of mist rolling on the lake, the scent of sweat after love, the scent of invocation after the prayer, the scent of happiness as life blows…like a breeze......


life continue to be a scents, new voices, new feelings come along with it....some touch and move on riding the breeze....some linger...for a while, or forever.........

Saturday, November 8, 2008

by the riverside

the crow came again
astride the silent cat
its shadow chilling the pain
of thoughts strung on my bait
as I fished in the river from nowhere
holding the mind on its end
still as the heart of the whore
dying alive buried in the sand
the cat drops a penny down the hole
dug by pimping crab strangling a song in its claw
the crow climbs and pecks the erect pole
as little mermaids with sewed-up lips take a bow
the whore sighs and mountains shift
the sand buries the penny deep
cat claws nail the thoughts to a cross for old theft
the crow pecks out the eyes which see and weep
the river, it still flows from nowhere
and i still fish with my rod, my bait
sometimes it is a snake or a dove who come here
and it just doesn’t seem to matter
why who when or what