Sunday, March 18, 2012

looking into your eyes

riding into the midnight rain…I enter a thick dark lush forest…hooves making ripples on the ground which travel up the trees and shrubs and bushes making them change their dark green brown yellow black into deeper shades of memories which slowly start coming alive, the vines turning into serpents which hiss as they greet an old friend but slither in hunger, slither sensuous, slither in patterns, up down all over and around in the darkness which has now started glowing slowly as silence falls soft and thick like the warm gentle rain drops flavored by the touch of the green canopy of leaves and branches of trees so old as us and so tall as time and I see bits and pieces of past still alive and bleeding bound tight with barbed wire and strung and hanging from the tree tops trying to sooth their wounds with the wet silence I bring and the ripples from the hooves as I ride and the glow gets stronger and brighter as I go deeper, the gentle moonlight seeps through the canopy and it dances with the sound of the waterfall trapped somewhere deep...while in the dancing glow the serpents mate and some shed their skins and some just gently wrap themselves around the bleeding bits of the past prying those out of the barbed wire with their darting tongues and hooks in their eyes...and i ride on, climbing the ridges of the hidden rainbow where skeletons of the pain of many who traveled this way before rattles in her womb as she had taken their pain so deep into herself and set them free...but her womb made heavy with the bones and the rattle...and so now it rains…it rains heavy and dark and the serpents dance with my naked body glistening in the rain and we dance with the moonlight in the dark forest and dance with gay abandon to make the clamor and the rattle seep into the gentle silence of the rain and the whole forest can then listen to the waterfall as it still rumbles with its deep and powerful love inside, the mist rising up from it creating the rainbow with a million colors light up everything around...and I ride on deeper and deeper….deeper into the midnight rain