Wednesday, December 23, 2009

new era dawns

eyes dark and still
dead pool of icy ink
spreading chill
as you give me head
sucking away the stink
of love care and all that shit
the waves the waves
hit you in the gut
purple lobsters pop out
of thawing artic ice
only roaches in the mind
hairy feet tickle razor’s edge
when flipped they row
row row thick air
oh, I’m moving
trailing fluorescent stink
upside down and clawing air
a new era dawns

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


fresh from the bath
lingering freshness of nakedness
yet to be shed
the mind searches the cupboard
crumpled worn-out faded
sighing with soft musty smell
you lie hidden behind
the crisp the new the colorful
rummaging fingertips
pause feel linger
smoothen the creases
in fleeting moments remember
all that there was
all that there is
some undressed off the skin
some burnt into it

Friday, October 16, 2009

the nest

drifting strands of music
rustles the grass
in green meadows painted in the sky
ruffling my feathers as I gather

twigs of your thoughts
one after another after another
dry, dusty and brittle
softening them
with taste of our wetness
lingering in my beak
weaving a nest
in one nook of
the old sacred tree
where our silences
pause to listen
to dreams making love


Friday, September 25, 2009

a night, a drive and death

dark wind
sings as it dances
rooted in the sand
the lonely tree joins
shrubs whirl past
moving in reverse
limbs split to strands
by cold cutting wind
death licks the bugs
off the windscreen for starters
its breath frosting the glass
cutting off the road
reason panics
trapped inside
opens the window
takes flight
laughter shakes the car
upside down
the main course served
with warm sticky sauce
full, death explodes
embedding bits and pieces
deep inside the rest there
and a few away elsewhere

Saturday, September 12, 2009


the dreams
are back
the cat
the raven
the snake
One ate
the Other’s cry
lest it pierce
the Third’s eye
but the Third’s eyes bore
twin holes in One
bleeding out the cry
taunting it to try
One wrapped the oozing cry
In its voice and went mute
the Other opened its beak
to swallow the echoes growling at the peaks
the Third uncoiled the time
blurring this piece of space
eyes flipped inside out
to the sets
of real illusion

Sunday, September 6, 2009

monsoon afternoon

cubes of silence
fresh from the ice tray
slowly melt
on the bare back
of your whispers
half asleep
the fingers of my thoughts
trace the wet trail
teasing the skin
life pauses
listning to music
of aftternoon rain
your bedside clock beeps
struggling to push
the heavy time along

Monday, August 31, 2009

controlled insanity

deep purple patches
wearing goofy grins
skateboard wild n’ blind
up and down the dancing smile
strange winds blow away
crutches on amputed reason
blurring everything black and white
to smudging shades of colorful grey
little glowing dots
step out of dark nooks
lighting up uncurling tentacles
tickling insanity to life
come, piggyback ,
free fall with me
no chutes
no gliders
no net
smash down and paint
the dark gloomy sky
with splattering lovely red
or maybe
splash into the blue green
puddle of dreams
forever wet
what say

Monday, August 17, 2009

so said the woman---6

i want to make
a baby with you
allow our thoughts
to shed what they wear
hold hands and slowly slither
down and around
that untroden trail
many a time we saw
we sniffed and stood
right at the edge
peering over the hedge
i want to make
a baby with you
allow our minds
to wander free
where hands wont touch
and the lips wont kiss
to those little dark corners
where the toungues long
to make music
to all those moves
shackled and buried deep
where music is deaf
and waltz is lame
i want to make
a baby with you
the colorful hues in your eyes
the fountain that bursts at my finger tips
those little sharp edges
scraped off your mind
and the warm sticky clay
spinning on the wheel inside me
where my hands dont reach


the tips of our hair tickles
and unfolds the skin
and the wiff of our breath
follows the tongue
rainbows explode
lighting the universe
i want to make
a baby with you


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

an old rhythm

an old rhythm plays, on the edge of the mind
the thoughts heaped up …like lots and lots of rusty old keys…tied up for long in the old cloth bag with musty smell of pickled monsoons tightly tied up with the frayed double knotted string
an old rhythm plays on the edge of the mind
the keys are heavy, rusty, some sticky, some smooth, some rough…they learn to breathe again as your whispers seep through the string and the folds and the fabric….bring in the scent of the dance and music from so far away…reaching inside riding the waves set off as you move your body to the sensuous beat
an old rhythm plays, on the edge of the mind
the fingers fumble at the knot, pretend to play with the breeze and return opening the belly button, releasing the trapped scent of damp forests firing up the blood hounds chasing the playful little rabbit hidden deep in the burrow
an old rhythm plays, on the edge of the mind
and spreads slowly swirling about from the far dark edges to the toe and all other tips and pores…ready to dissolve the layers of dried onion skins and almost touch the core
an old rhythm plays, on the edge of the mind
the keys clamor loud as the heart rolls in the empty tin box….and slowly fall silent as the music fades..falling in a heap again in the old old old bag
but the old rhythms plays on, on the edge and beyond the mind

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my mind, now

green fresh leaves
flavoring the sunlight
still some dried deadwood
dangling limp
chop chop chop

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

silence just smiles

dried silence like dead animal hide
cake of baked blood thick inside
cloaking the being still long after
the undress the caress and the kiss
smell of freshly squeezed honey
readies its long manicured fingers
to dig in and touch the sprout to life
but fumbles, fails, retreats
trapped inside, the beast roars
the silence smiles with silence
the blood, oozes in the warmth
the sprout screams in the darkness
stumbling about inside the seed


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nite,pub,old friends