Saturday, November 10, 2012


seeds of silence
buried deep
waiting for the rain
strands of silence
webbed together
waiting for the spider
dew drops of silence
on tip of the blade
waiting for the sun
screams of silence
bound and caged
waiting for peace
colors of silence
wet and eager
waiting for the blind
search for silence
lost in words
waiting to be said

Thursday, October 25, 2012

take me

take me to the space
where my eyes cannot see
take me to that depth
to the dance beyond death
take me through your blood
oozing fragrance of the undead
take me to your womb
where i wait to be born
take me like no woman
has ever taken a man
take me

Thursday, October 18, 2012

divine dance

firm bones
soft flesh
sinking fingers
warm blood
hardened heart
smoldering fingers
in darkened caves
unborn dreams
of molten blood
trickling down
womb sheds
a little tear
joy sprouts
from every pore
painting red patterns
the goddess dances 
on the body laid bare
in sacrifice

Thursday, October 4, 2012


the shield cut away from flesh
the skin shed the snake
deep waters dance
swirling around long fingers
the sea heave to reach high
scoop up the moon
sacred blood cover the spear 
with deep tender love

Saturday, September 22, 2012

luminous night

night is still but not dark…there is sort of a luminous glow that fills the room…there is no light seeping in through the window shades from outside…it is the fragrance of a fleeting touch that is still burning the fingertips…making them smolder and glow like ambers in the fireplace in a cold winter night…like how they still glow when the lights are off and the wine is drunk and love is being made on the rug on the floor…so the room is bathed in that luminous glow…and the fragrance lingering from the touch gets mixed with that of slow burning flesh…as the fire spreads from the fingertips to the whole body…and what is held frozen inside slowly thaws…and it begins to trickle…small, small drops falling with a hissss on to the smoldering patches on the body on the inside…and I cannot see it, but can hear it…like the sound and feel of the light kiss of tender rain…time floats and sleep tiptoes up to the door, but wait in silence outside the room…very hesitant to intrude...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

morning walk

whiff of your smell trapped
in dew drops of thoughts
swirls around in the morning mist
soft sound of your words
seep out of greenyellowbrown leaves
as they crunch under my feet
tender touch of your fingertips
come riding the breeze
caressing my face
heaviness of your heart
scooped up by monsoon clouds
make the air moist as they drift by
fireflies hiding in your eyes
light up the sky slowly
as the sun rise to a new morning

Friday, June 8, 2012

window view

little birds swim
in waves of breeze
now plunging into a dive
then up shrieking with laughter
schools of clouds sail
smooth and slow
their faint ripples
wetting edges of the mind
flowers bright yellow and red
dance deep below
smudging a little color
on dark shades of grey
little dragonflies hover
up above tiny buds
waiting for them to bubble up
and burst spraying lost memories
dusk climbs high up the watchtower
to caress my mind at the window
savoring sweet solitude
one little scoop after another

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dali and a molten lie

molten wings
of snow white birds
stain the crisp blue sky
molten smiles
of pin-up girls
hang in the sun to dry
molten flowers
on unburied coffins
wait for the corpse to die
molten words
on pale blue lips
drown the stifled cry
molten quill
in a shaky hand
paint a picture that lie

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

washed ashore the riverside

the crow with no memory
perched on her nose
pecking for the pain buried deep
toothless piranhas
had nibbled on her nipples
sucking out bubbles of trapped love
broken claw of a hermit crab
shed of celibacy
still lie buried between her legs
bits and pieces
of dumped old garbage decay
sieved and tangled in her hair
still, her cracked cold lips
part ever so slightly
for the kiss of life

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a moon in a web

a tired moon
in spider web
a fluttering smile
to the throbbing mind
a crimson sunset
deep in the eyes
a swinging heart
in threads of love
wandering fingertips
by thin film of guilt
a pounding heart
a rhythm to dance
shadows of tiredness
slowly in purple wetness
thru the web
the moon back to the sky

Saturday, April 28, 2012

a dance, a girl and some shadows

the loneliness sprouted from her navel…its seed buried somewhere deep in the darkness of her womb…it grew, a slender vine slowly growing tall and swaying with the rhythm of the dance as she sat in the dark comfort of the corner...there but not there…the vine swayed, it danced and it grew those leaves as i watched…those big large darkish green fleshy leaves which can take any form that they want…so green as life and so dark and clear that you cant see them…they caress the soft tenderness of her mind…as the darkness drip off their edges like rain sliding off leafs on to parched earth…the smell of dampness so alive and rising up in faint wisps…i want to call out her name across the river…for her to turn around and look into my eyes and connect the thread so that the snake can slither on that and reach her and wrap around her, hug her, climb the vine and shake up the leafs and spray the darkness all around and away from her mind and eat up the leaves one by one and another till they are not there and then take the vine in the mouth and suck the whole thing out…prying out the seed from where it sprouted with all the roots and everything else and spit it into the river which will take it far and away to another life and another time…so i call out her name across the river, loud and clear and strong…but then the raven comes flying from nowhere and plucks my voice from the breeze it rides and bites and chews it, shooting this pain inside me and i cry out her name again but the raven catches it in its claws this time and laughs as it spreads its wings giving more rhythm to the swaying of the leaves and they sing her a lullaby and she smiles a faint little smile for the first time that evening and the shadows of the leaves dance in rhythm with the tiny little feet on the stage and drowns my voice again as i call out across the river…it drowns with just froth and bubbles for her to see…and slowly she is blurring in the rain across the river and then only the lights and the music and the dance remains and a bit of the shadow of the leaves which touched my heart and marked it a dull crimson that i carefully wrap in fragments of thoughts to use to light this fire later after the rain and wetness goes…this fire that will light up the sky and touch her mind when she looks up sometime from thousands of miles across and will kill the shadow that caress her mind…and so i take out those fragments, unwrap the thoughts and slowly light the fire…

Sunday, March 18, 2012

looking into your eyes

riding into the midnight rain…I enter a thick dark lush forest…hooves making ripples on the ground which travel up the trees and shrubs and bushes making them change their dark green brown yellow black into deeper shades of memories which slowly start coming alive, the vines turning into serpents which hiss as they greet an old friend but slither in hunger, slither sensuous, slither in patterns, up down all over and around in the darkness which has now started glowing slowly as silence falls soft and thick like the warm gentle rain drops flavored by the touch of the green canopy of leaves and branches of trees so old as us and so tall as time and I see bits and pieces of past still alive and bleeding bound tight with barbed wire and strung and hanging from the tree tops trying to sooth their wounds with the wet silence I bring and the ripples from the hooves as I ride and the glow gets stronger and brighter as I go deeper, the gentle moonlight seeps through the canopy and it dances with the sound of the waterfall trapped somewhere deep...while in the dancing glow the serpents mate and some shed their skins and some just gently wrap themselves around the bleeding bits of the past prying those out of the barbed wire with their darting tongues and hooks in their eyes...and i ride on, climbing the ridges of the hidden rainbow where skeletons of the pain of many who traveled this way before rattles in her womb as she had taken their pain so deep into herself and set them free...but her womb made heavy with the bones and the rattle...and so now it rains…it rains heavy and dark and the serpents dance with my naked body glistening in the rain and we dance with the moonlight in the dark forest and dance with gay abandon to make the clamor and the rattle seep into the gentle silence of the rain and the whole forest can then listen to the waterfall as it still rumbles with its deep and powerful love inside, the mist rising up from it creating the rainbow with a million colors light up everything around...and I ride on deeper and deeper….deeper into the midnight rain