Monday, November 8, 2010


your smile still hangs in mid air….suspended without hooks, strings on nails and the like…long after you seeped out through the little gaps and holes I left in between the piled up words and stacked songs and sticky touches and webby stories….all of which came up bit by bit by bit…without you or even me knowing…or maybe it is without us seeing, but knowing, but not seeing…till all these towered above us shutting out everything else and making us swim in their shadows and breathe in their smell and be touched by their sweat which we rubbed gently on each other to cover the naked parts of us that glowed as we talked and understood and touched and nibbled to undress each other of everything that we wore…inside and outside…till our world grew so large with just the two of us and that outside got smaller and smaller and finally got stuffed in a full stop. period. then you just seeped through the hole and slipped out. into the full stop. still your smile hangs in here. without hooks, strings on nails and the like. you gone. seeped out. naked. without the smile. into the full stop. period.