Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Street Mushrooms

they sprout
at traffic lights

spent stalks
holding swelled up heads

skin full of rashes
hiding fixes and black spider kisses

diced and chopped fine
they wd go well with wine
honey, pass the pepper
and a twist of lime
with a fresh napkin
to wipe away the slime

before the sunflower eyes
pop up in the sleep
seeping with sticky
fragrance of the wild

Friday, December 1, 2006


a bit of dew
caressing the desert sand

wisp of fragrance
gliding thru the stifling smog

a bright red petal
softneing the black gravel

a dash of crimson
bursting thru the clouds

a drop of sweet sweat
trapping the sun on the chin...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I happen to stumble on God
this morn

as the three year old
on the road
tried coloring the patterns
on the dead skin of a sleeping leper

the fair smiling bundle
on a dead decaying cradle

energy pure and flowing
playing with a body in ruin

fresh breeze on dead coals
trying to kindle a glow


niether were aware
nor would they have cared
that the God was born

in such simple moments

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Life !

Life is a breeze and I am trying to grab the scent as it blows…….as one would grab the remnants of a dream before it fades, as one would linger on the look which races the heart beat , as one would etch the memory of the towering mountains before leaving the wilderness……scent comes in wisps…soft as a baby's touch and as pure as its smile…it is fleeting as the smile which touches the eyes, as haunting as the tune long forgotten…the scent of virgin rain on mud, the scent of mist rolling on the lake, the scent of sweat after love, the scent of invocation after the prayer, the scent of happiness as life blows…like a breeze