Wednesday, June 25, 2008

how to write?

how to write
when you fight demons
and chimps that bite
one hand tied at the back
one wielding a sword to hack
a foot sinking deep
in whirlpools of time
another tripping on carcass
of dead dragons and men
when spirits wail
haunted where they rest
scaring the maidens
who dance in the mist
bare backs painted
with blood from the sword
tattoos made
with needle teeth
how to write

when you fight


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i am, therefore ?

i am
the thoughts
strandes of sandstorm
scattered across
vast spaces in time
i am
the feelings
tidal waves
trapped and hidden
by the web of moonlight
in the ocean
i am
the image
in the mirror
of your mind
a bit faded here
a bit broken there
a bit kept polished
what could have been
what could yet be
i am
the body
aspiration of
a vain soul
struggling for expression
thru layers of
colours, textures and scent
i am...