Wednesday, December 15, 2010


fluttering thin silk curtains layered and layered till eternity swirling and dancing changing colors and making moving patterns as it traps the dew drops in the moonlight which seeps through the gaps in the dark dark clouds and the intermittent rain as i sit silent i sit alone i sit on that single chair with miles and miles of thick trees and shrubs and green and light green and more dark green all so alive and silent and intensely calm as i sit for ages on the cold rough stone chair and watch the sky spilt into pieces by silent lightning all over the chair touching wrapping my whole naked body and my feet so rooted in the fresh dampness of grassy earth and there is no one and nobody and no being other than the breeze and the trees and thoughts from some far away land which softly touch the mind like the dew on the silk and i sit and i sit and sit and i smile and the lightnings pause to bow to the glow that light up softly gently through the silk all the way to the other world