Friday, June 17, 2011

monsoon night

let me wrap myself around the empty space where you were before, just where you sat with your legs folded under you on the bed…molding my body around those contours that still throb with the warmth of your presence…let me, before the moist monsoon breeze steals that warmth with light kisses as it tip-toes around in rhythm with the raindrops drumming on the roof…let me gather those fragments of thoughts you couldn’t pack and take along with you before you left…those which shiver silently in the darkness in the loneliness left by you…let me, before they cling on to the streaks of moonlight and slither up and out through the window…and let me lie still and watch your smile as it flutter around from one precious moment to another that had bloomed at our touch…let me catch it in mid flight with cupped palms and kiss its wings…wings which sparkle with the screaming greenpurpleyellow that we painted them with…let me lie in that deep darkness and watch the twinkle in your eyes move about the room like fireflies skating on frozen silence…let me slowly peel off the layer of tiredness that crept on me through your fingertips and covered my body…let me hold you even more tight, wrapped around the space where you were, before you seep out ever so slowly, into this monsoon night