Wednesday, October 1, 2008

you, me & the beast

in my body
the beast
seemed tamed
in your sweat
drunk on
the sweet slime
you ooze
it broke
the web
of your wispers
the waves
of your heat
devoured me
skin bone
flesh & soul
spitting out
the mind
just alive
the tale


mayz said...

ah!!! another masterpiece...

i dont kno wat context u wrote this in...but for me its death!!! n knowin u m jus guessin its death!!!

reminds me of a post i wrote on my other blog...NIGHT OF THE SHINIGAMI

Preeti said...

you know shoon, everytime i see my blogroll and find out that you've updated its like a sinking sensation in the stomach...literally... because i have absolutely no clue as to what you might possibly have written...

and what you have written is unimaginably beautiful ...

i can write pages on my interpretations and also some more pages contradicting those interpretations but i guess, i'll let it be...

Shoonyata said...

Mayz: tahnks buddy...this was triggered by much more basic stuff than death...yes, you are right--death comes to me very often!

preeti: thanks...just let it be. interpretations when articulated can complicate stuff...just be with it, whatever it is that you take out.....thanks for enjoying this.

ra said...

a man after my own heart. my beast needs to be quelled if anything.

the strangest thing....this post, will email u about it.

this is so strange!!

moochhi said...

this reminds me of a book of poems called 'Crow' - forget the poet. this is sharp, sticky, hard-real-life-but-haunting

moochhi said...

yes, i now remember the poet - Ted Hughes, the famous national poet of england. Crow is eternal, hardy, ephemeral and real life crackly. as he says in one of his poems - 'God went on sleeping, Crow went on laughing'.

hey shoonya - the motifs in your poetry:
the buzzard, with the beady eye;
the dried log with blood on it, but its raining now so its alive;
the seducer, the witch woman, black or white with smooth textury skin who can drink lovers;
the self, drinking the elixir of the universe, the harshness in the feeling is what living is all about;
time, like Dali's painting, melting but present

Shoonyata said... YOU are being poetic and evocative. Yes, I remember the Crow...should get a copy now...havent read Ted Hughes in ages