Thursday, September 25, 2008

so said the woman---4

a strange breeze
never seen
flirting with
my dark tresses
gliding gently
though my
random thoughts
promises of
drenching rain
fantasies of
wild storms
making smiles
on parched desert


mayz said...

ahhh i have felt this...flirtin wid darkness is always dangerous devours us!!!

Preeti said...

i stopped breathing when i read this...and i loved the idea of a woman who thinks this way...

you know something shoon, i know it sounds crazy...but when women start thinking like men and men start thinking like women...the words that are expressed are so bewitching and intoxicating...i totally loved what you've done here. what does 4 stand for...?

the underlying nuances, the subtlety, at the same time the obvious directness...there is so much in this poem...

tch... sigh!!! at risk of sounding like a stuck tape...
incredibly beautiful

Shoonyata said...

mayz: that is what life is all about!

preeti: Thanks....

i also love the idea of women who think this way :)))

4 stands to say that this is the 4th in the series with the same title...if you scroll down the blog you wl see the other three earlier posts

Preeti said...

i just saw the three earlier posts...

the beauty is scaring me...

Preeti said...

"i also love the idea of women who think this way :)))"

thats why you are able to express it so well.....

•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

loved it
you rained the darkness very beautifully on our hearts

Shoonyata said...

preeti: thanks again.I dedicate all these to all the women in my life !

V: Thanks dude...that was beatifully put!

Mirandian said...

Bits and pieces you see.
First the feet.
Then the hands.
Next came the hair.
A jigsaw puzzle.
One day you called!

Shoonyata said...

M: mars calling venus...just tune in to (cyber)space :)

Mirandian said...

Shoon, I hear you loud & clear! Thanks Friend! Proceeding to "so said the woman--3" ;-)