Friday, October 31, 2008


and bombs
lighting up
the sky
blowing out
innocent eyes
burnt smell
of fireworks
with that of
burnt flesh
drying blood
rotting minds
can we
smash the diya
touch a life
light a smile
just once
each day


ra said...

boom boom and then some. i dont really miss diwali in india - dont like them "rassi bombs".

happy diwlai mate

smriti said...

Describes the tragedy aptly. However as i grow older i have this need to block darkness almost like spam. the mind freezes and the thot gets annihilated. so different from my mind of the youthful days, that courted intensity and felt it in every cell. There was romance even in tragedy then.

Shoonyata said...

ra: ditto, my friend

smriti: age and caution can only be a smoke-screen. one can feel the ambres glowing. now is time to start the coutship again...:)))
thanks for visiting

Corpus Gray said...

I hate the smell of crackers, but I love the spirit of diwali.

Preeti said...

beautiful, shoon...

as always....

Shoonyata said...

CG: Thanks for visiting.

preeti: Thanks, mon ami :)

Preeti said...

Come back, shoon...

we are missing you...

Mirandian said...

Agree with C.Gray.....but why did you have to do a dark post on Diwali?!