Wednesday, October 15, 2008

she, the mist and a breeze

soft touch
ruffling hair

drawing patters

on bare skin

like a
gentle breeze
sliding thru

in the

rolling mist


random thoughts
wild stirrings
them deep and safe

away from
the searching touch
of the
wandering breeze



Preeti said...


a change from the dark ones...

i wonder if the change is refreshing though...!!!

Jagjit said...

impressive stuff! keep it up

ra said...

now that there is how romance shud be, not a couple of people on a sinking boat

Shoonyata said...

Preeti: I understand what you mean :))

J: thanks for dropping in

ra: you wd be meaning Titanic? :)

Trinaa said...

such simple they convey so much..fab!

Mirandian said...

Purely the case of Head ruling the Heart! ;-)

How do we know said...

Am so glad i landed here!!!

Shoonyata said...

trinaa: thank you!

M: familiar feeling for you? :)))

HDWK: thanks for dropping in

Mirandian said...

Familiar feeling for me?!
One need not experience in order to know. One just knows! I know that the fire is hot and the water wet! And the snow cold! Need I go on?! Perhaps this is not case with you? You need to experience it?!;-)

Shoonyata said...

M: we are so different...yes i need to experience it...feel the wetness and soak in it, smell the burnt flesh, feel the snowflakes brushing my face with cold fingers and make my own little snow man with frozen me that is life :)))