Saturday, November 8, 2008

by the riverside

the crow came again
astride the silent cat
its shadow chilling the pain
of thoughts strung on my bait
as I fished in the river from nowhere
holding the mind on its end
still as the heart of the whore
dying alive buried in the sand
the cat drops a penny down the hole
dug by pimping crab strangling a song in its claw
the crow climbs and pecks the erect pole
as little mermaids with sewed-up lips take a bow
the whore sighs and mountains shift
the sand buries the penny deep
cat claws nail the thoughts to a cross for old theft
the crow pecks out the eyes which see and weep
the river, it still flows from nowhere
and i still fish with my rod, my bait
sometimes it is a snake or a dove who come here
and it just doesn’t seem to matter
why who when or what


Preeti said...


oh my god...the imagery, the disjointedness, the obscurity, the, you are the EMPEROR...undisputed

"still as the heart of the whore
dying alive buried in the sand"
oh man...

you are creating even more tearing confusions with this style...phew...

Prat said...

You are a GURU!! Its fantastic, though I need to check with you sometime on what some of these things mean :). Hey how do you get that "number of visitors to the blog" here? I noticed you had 4000 odd visitors - way to go!

Shoonyata said...

preeti: thank you...u are too kind to your friends :)

Prats: welcome back after a long time...if you find any meaning, tell me too :)

You can download these counters...there are many choices.

smriti said...

"still as the heart of a whore " will stay with me for a long time .It describes the years of countless disappointments that , for its sheer weight can only be described through the simplicity of its opposite: silence.

that was a moment of epiphany

Preeti said...

such a deceptively sweet summery title..."by the riverside" and when one goes inside to read the poem ... everything changes...
summer suddenly becomes dark and the shivers set in...
ya i guess there are some of us who shiver uncontrollably even during summers...maybe because of the cold fingers clenched around our hearts...

kammommy said...

I always wondered what Virginia Woolf's Stream of consciousness really meant....Now I know...

sift said...

as office blocked the comment posting. so i've forgotten what i said earlier.
in recollection...
I tell you have become a god in erotic poetry. this is wow wow...i have nothing to say. you have outwitted T S Eliot.
(except that the last line shouldn't have been there)
you better get a book out soon, boss. hell, with your company. do some full-time writing.

Shoonyata said...

smriti: yes, maam..absolutely!

preeti: the clodness need to dissolve with the warmth of the heart :)

kammommy: that is really interesting...

sift: erotic or is all in the mind of the beholder :)))

ra said...

the hair on the back of me neck are standing


dali of cyberia

dude this kicked ass like i would want to kick my boss' butt

Shoonyata said...

ra: one for the tribe, me friend!

Mirandian said...

Went over my head! ;-)

moochhi said...

nice to see you shifting to a new idiom - longer sentences.
the imagery is very dense - perhaps too much for this new idiom.
some of these phrases have a sharp imagery - of the 'raw, undone meat hanging from hook feeling'- good show.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awesome... love the imagery :-)

Pramshanks said...

Do I see the imagery expand a little, or is it the gobi manchurian I had befofe coming to your blog?

"Still as the heart of the whore"... intriguing. I like the stripped-off, embery feel of the words... somewhat like between white and red hot.