Thursday, September 6, 2007

God, who?

as I read
raaji’s blog
somewhere I saw
thru the smog
that a few
little girls
just got sold
a school boy
with a gun for a toy
shot his buddies
really and truly
and my turn
is next
as we gang rape
the earth
again and
god who?
and you
and what we
Triggered by the post "I thank you, Lord" by Raaji at her blog: (one of my favourites :))


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

hey, there are still things to be thankful for. That fact that you have this talent for poetry. The fact that you are able to even see this computer screen shows tht you are much better than a lot of the people in this world. Why wouldn't you be thankful?
Just because a few things have gone wrong? What about the good things? Dont you appreciate them?
Do think about these, my friend.

Well, thank you for giving me the credit. I appreciate it that you like my blog :)

Shoonyata said...

@raaji: There are many beautiful things in the world..the whole universe is beautiful..I am totaly with it...only aspect I want to convey is on "thankful" to whom? WE make the total cosmic consciousness (also called God)..we make the talent exress...we make the computers...we make the innocents get killed...we make millions die for want of food...we also make beautiful connections across the globe and touch each other's lives

God who? we and the rest somewhere else in the universe.

ra said...

God is God
in my mind.

your form is haiku on high.
precise. anger i have discovered has more to do with self and failure in living upto personal expectations.

im not much of a writer - poetry or prose. however, i have scribbled a few things down. been told its dark, twisted, macabre. but then that is what i see thru my society-tainted lens.

how'd you discover me blog?

moochhi said...

this is a good one. inspired.

i am thankful that i live in a world where, though many things are not as they should be, I and you and others are here to make a difference. this is not a burden; just another element of life.