Wednesday, March 25, 2009

silence just smiles

dried silence like dead animal hide
cake of baked blood thick inside
cloaking the being still long after
the undress the caress and the kiss
smell of freshly squeezed honey
readies its long manicured fingers
to dig in and touch the sprout to life
but fumbles, fails, retreats
trapped inside, the beast roars
the silence smiles with silence
the blood, oozes in the warmth
the sprout screams in the darkness
stumbling about inside the seed



Pramshanks said...

Awesome. This is vintage Shoonyata. Dark, deadly and dripping with black light, like a huge arm of pitch-black lightning. More sunny stuff? Don't even try!

sahyadri said...

pitch black lighting.... i llike that and thats why i like what you wrote too.... yes, dont even try anything sunny (ask my D200, she will agree :) )

Pramshanks said...

Sahyadri, your profile pic looks curiously like where I hail from. Good shot! Welcome to see a similar pic on my blog. Shoonyata, your dark side rules.

Shoonyata said...

Thanks PS and Sahyadri...and yes, I need to connect you guys both share a passion for the view thru the lens, the written word and fort Kochi. wl email today :)))

Mirandian said...

Shoon, I guess I would be the odd one! I am for the sunny side! :)

ra said...


thought the aliens got u for good!

ur back and this is reality

hey, why doesnt the beast ever make its way out? why is it always subdued?

Shoonyata said...

M: thank God that not all of us are the same!

Ra: mon ami, aliens still have me. this is a ransom message they have allowed to be sent :)

and on the it lies subdued...even though this reporter had broken news in this space a few months ago (you, me and the beast) that it was found breaking shackels and causing havoc !