Monday, August 31, 2009

controlled insanity

deep purple patches
wearing goofy grins
skateboard wild n’ blind
up and down the dancing smile
strange winds blow away
crutches on amputed reason
blurring everything black and white
to smudging shades of colorful grey
little glowing dots
step out of dark nooks
lighting up uncurling tentacles
tickling insanity to life
come, piggyback ,
free fall with me
no chutes
no gliders
no net
smash down and paint
the dark gloomy sky
with splattering lovely red
or maybe
splash into the blue green
puddle of dreams
forever wet
what say


ra said...

u into song writing now??!!

has a zepp feel,maybe ashes divide even.....

Shahina said...

Beautiful... !

Shoonyata said...

ra: uneven-ness propells the universe...nothing is ever even, or we are all dead!

Shahina: thanks...glad you liked it :)

moochhi said...

'little glowing dots step out of dark nooks' - nice one. has a sense of poetry in action