Sunday, September 6, 2009

monsoon afternoon

cubes of silence
fresh from the ice tray
slowly melt
on the bare back
of your whispers
half asleep
the fingers of my thoughts
trace the wet trail
teasing the skin
life pauses
listning to music
of aftternoon rain
your bedside clock beeps
struggling to push
the heavy time along


Preeti said...

i loved this... so glad i came in here.

ice melting on the bare back of whispers...
fingers of thoughts tracing wet trails on the skin...


Shoonyata said...

preeti: looong time..was planning to send you a mail. wl do later this week. thanks..glad you like this....

Geeta said...

curiouser and curiouser.. :-) Lovely!

moochhi said...

back to some short it.

sift said...

smell of eeram...lovely...