Tuesday, December 16, 2008

so said the woman---5

pain dissolves
like virgin dew
in sunrise
with your tender touch
the wandering breeze
is trapped in a basket
of strands of joy & guilt
interlocked and woven tight
inhibitions drop
like early autumn leaves
still a bit fleshy
patchy with colours
mind confused
body denied
soul hungry

why ?
why not?



farustar said...

pretty darn interesting

Anonymous said...

For once this connects.....:-)
Is there anything in between 'Why & Why Not'?

Shoonyata said...

fa: thanks...:)))

Anon: always lots between "Why& Why not"....that is life! do I know you???

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

awesome. Just awesome. I love the irony.

Preeti said...


why? why not?

the eternal questions
the eternal confusions

portents of a mind that is torn apart with wretchedness...

confused, denied, hungry add misery to it and behold the recipe for disaster...

i want something dark Shoon...

Shoonyata said...

Raaji: thanks...:)

Preeti: people are saying i am writting too much dark stuff...they want a break !

sift said...

so am i. why?

Preeti said...


moochhi said...

good imagery here - 'wandering breeze is trapped in a basket....'

sahyadri said...


its good to be back :) been away from teh blog world for much too long. enjoing your words once again. happy new year...