Saturday, December 6, 2008


sing my mocking bird
sing till you die
clenching your eyes shut
just so you cant see
the songs lie trapped
in the labyrinth of your mind
its echos basting holes
even before the shrapnel found the skull
sing my mocking bird
sing as you lie
all is well and good
the world is the way it should


Trinaa said...

morbidly in sync with our times :(

Prats said...

I wish we could be like that bird too..and just shut out all thats happening out there

sift said...

lovely. quite unlike your usual style. great amount of wisdom here. i liked it.

mayz said...

i second trinaa...apt for our times

Shoonyata said...

Trinaa: Thanks...

Prats: not so wants to retain the sensitivity

sift: thanks....why you not writing these days?

mayz: welcome back, my friend.

sift said...

in literary poverty.:-)

ra said...

"sing as you lie"
shoon, you playin there?
the twist is the anti climax, innit?

i so want out

the world is beyond redemption
the world is beyond recognition

do i die for the being atlas?

Shoonyata said...

ra: mon ami, you have an eye in your heart :)

Pramshanks said...

Good to see a positive strain... sing, even if it is a swansong that you are calling for.

Preeti said...

Beautiful shoon...

but a little unlike you...are you also giving in to the times...???