Friday, March 7, 2008


soft little feather
escapes the thick foliage
dances thru the sieved light
soft strands tickling
slowly floats
down the forgotten well
savoring the silence
slicing thick air
touching the cold
unseen ripples
spreading thru the deep pool
a bit of spray
jumps up
drenching the musty walls
refreshing dampness
sweet smell swells
no one’s seen this
heard this
felt this
did it happen


ra said...

"if a tree fell in the woods and no one was around to witness it, would it make a sound?"

all that happened, did not.

Mirandian said...

Perception, that's what it is.
What one hears & sees...happened.
What one does not hear & never happened!

Shoonyata said...

ra: ra: right, my friend...and all that did, didnt make a sound :)

confucious asked if i write only dark stuff...where is happiness?


m: one feels too...and many things happen which one doesnt see/hear/feel..whatever.

Mirandian said...

Shoon....things happen or may not happen....but we can only say it happened when we see/hear/feel... else, we don't! Hope you know where I'm coming from!

sahyadri said...

what is there and can not be seen but "maybe"felt is beyond maya... the most full and truly exisiting????

nice very nice... :)

mayz said...

i really like d way u use symbolism in ur posts!!!