Wednesday, March 19, 2008


strands of hair
on your shirt
but no thread of guilt
in your smile
slight smudge of lipstick
on your collar
but no shadow hiding
the twinkle in your eyes
wisp of her smell
on your body
but no trace of tiredness
in your eagerness
vines of doubt
hanging from my mind
but nothing to swing
or tie you up with


ra said...

hmmm. evidence of evidence but cant prove a thing??

Prats said...

oh, that was nice!

mayz said...


sahyadri said...


Thinking aloud said...

very very nice...sad too...

just wanted to ask you..did you mean 'vines'?

Shoonyata said...

ra: cant prove to oneself.

Prats/mayz/sahyadri: thank you...

thinking aloud: thanks for the spell check..i am bad at it. have changed. thanks for visiting

Nags said...

thanks :)

farustar said...

hey, thanks! you're pretty good too :D