Thursday, February 28, 2008

sculptured time, muddled glance

time escapes
as the bud blooms
the stolen fragrance unwraps
from fleeing time
clinging to your glance
in mid flight
cold and shivering
time falls frozen
slivers of it flying
as mind chisels
sculpturing your
timeless eyes
fragrance mates the glance
watching virgin bats
lose their sight
flaps the fragrance
to hells gate
free at last
the glance seeks mine
hidden somewhere

long time back



ra said...

vampyre in prose?

or perhaps asmodeus thru a looking glass?

sahyadri said...

"as mind chisels
sculpturing your
timeless eyes..."
A dream forgotten
yet so much burning in them
the chisle shivers and sighs

wonderful images!!! will come back for more.

Shoonyata said...

ra: asmodeus is an interesting take...hmmm, may be not as obsessed :)

Sahyadri: Thanks...

mayz said... matches so perfectly to this post...time...endless...flying...frozen...shoonyata

Shoonyata said...

Thanks maze...yes, there are many hues of shoonyata...also pl check out an earlier post titled Shoonyata...