Friday, February 22, 2008

last night

stormy night
hunger howls
a wolf yearning
scalded by moon light
the beast prowls
stinky bars
icy winds bite
n’ chew random thoughts
a whore screams
locusts descend
cleaning the flesh
off bones of pretty men
the snake uncoils
freeing the bound silence
a ransom sought
none paid
something killed
something raped
something buried

something freed



moochhi said...

this is good. i like the imagery in this. scalded by moonlight....icy winds bite n chew random thoughts.

good to see you get to something original again.

sahyadri said...

Something that words dont say about.
Something breaking all bonds of darkness and he feels the freedom of a search undefined........

It takes a while to see the white light under all that darkness thats carefully painted, but sure it is there!

ra said...

freedom is a state of an unwilling mind

sift said...

frog prince?

Prats said...

that was profound...
Like your use of words in the first few lines...after that it gets eerie...

Shoonyata said...

moochi: thanks...

sahyadri: hmmm...I am searching for it, BTW :)

ra: so profound! fully agree, mon ami

sift: frog,yes. no kiss, no prince :)

Shoonyata said...

prats: life gets eerie at times :)

mayz said...

whoa!!! that was awesome...really dark n chilling...wud b droppin by more often now

Shoonyata said...

mayz: thank for droping by...look forward to seeing you more.