Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The union

the breeze glides lightly
the wines caress your face
etched on the rocks
thirtysix buds bloom
around and below your navel
and the valley down
my fingertips wisper
sweet nothings
to yesterday's goosepimples
the lips move up and around
tracing the sound of waterfall
trapped in the cave
under your breast
the nip's in the air
and dampness and sweet smell
of earth after the first rain
and its wetness.
caged in the mind
the heart flutters
in anticipation of release

1 comment:

sift said...

such trappings,
ignited in a collision
that whiff
of sweat and lemon
stick in breathless anticipation

how forlong...
...must I travel
in this abyss
of furtive longing

some creaky sound of a car
guests shreek in joy
in the neighbourbood
where conversations multiply
in orderly nothingness

do i see you
trembling in the mist
as departed roads
rumble at dawn
when yesterday's undoings
crack the ceiling in my room