Saturday, November 24, 2007

1st Anniversary of blog--1st post repeat

Life is a breeze and I am trying to grab the scent as it blows…….as one would grab the remnants of a dream before it fades, as one would linger on the look which races the heart beat , as one would etch the memory of the towering mountains before leaving the wilderness……scent comes in wisps…soft as a baby's touch and as pure as its smile…it is fleeting as the smile which touches the eyes, as haunting as the tune long forgotten…the scent of virgin rain on mud, the scent of mist rolling on the lake, the scent of sweat after love, the scent of invocation after the prayer, the scent of happiness as life blows…like a breeze......


life continues to blow like a breeze after a year....yipppieee!!!!


ra said...

happy 1st anniversary blog of shoon.

now grow, get tentacles and grow and engulf the planet

moochhi said...

the end and the beginning are one
just either side of a point
well made.

poetry through the months
the release of the accumulation
years of words
sharply chosen
the thrust, the lunge, the shout
the silence, the silhouette, the bindu.

we have come
we have added some
we have written
some have been smitten
we have stayed
sometimes dismayed
at the world you draw
stark. and raw.
but with purple passion,
some compassion.
always the truth and challenge here
with a few words very clear

keep on my friend
may the years pile up
the sight and insight
never dry up.

Mirandian said...

Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary.
Thanks for the lovely poem which you left for me....and yes, good time...vacuum the is a breeze!