Friday, July 4, 2008

Incessant raindrops

incessant rain drops
in my courtyard
falling on memories
with the rhythm
of old melodies
buried skeletons rise
dancing in tottering steps
dragging the spirit away
from the rain
and its wetness
to waltz away the night
locked in the arms of time
mind and body
sit and watch
the rain and the dance
from the threshold


mayz said...

wat do d drops mean in life...ever thot abt it...tears of sorrow...or pearls of wisdom??

Geeta said...

Hmmm... re your friend's question-tears of sorrow or pearls of wisdom? Please answer that one :-)

Shoonyata said...

mayz/geeta: the jury is still out on that one :)

when pearls become tears, umbrellas come out :)))