Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i am, therefore ?

i am
the thoughts
strandes of sandstorm
scattered across
vast spaces in time
i am
the feelings
tidal waves
trapped and hidden
by the web of moonlight
in the ocean
i am
the image
in the mirror
of your mind
a bit faded here
a bit broken there
a bit kept polished
what could have been
what could yet be
i am
the body
aspiration of
a vain soul
struggling for expression
thru layers of
colours, textures and scent
i am...


ra said...

u r what u r. and by golly u better remain that way.

the numbers are small, but they grow.

u kno if there ever was time to decipher lifes inadequacies, me thinks the time is now. and that will add another piece.

mayz said...

an undefined entity movin twds zilch...nothingness...shoonyata!!!