Saturday, May 24, 2008

passion fruit

the dark curly tresses
gently caress my words
waltzing around
to touch your mind
moonlight wrap your smile
millions of little broken
peices of shattered glass
find a reason
to glow deep inside
long lashes tickle my breath
as i kiss the twin buds to bloom
wafting woman fragrance
get the gentle breeze drunk
reason and logic melt
as dark coals are kindled
the snake slithers in the darkness
towards the forbidden fruit


sift said...

groomed verse. But what kindles the souls that lick this fruit is an anomaly...
for those that bear a slighest idea of this taste, its deviating tongues, will have known the true nature of touching many lives in a single rhythm of love in a world of lovelessness...
and thus we are the children of this fruit that contradicts this anomaly:-)

ra said...

vampirism and nihilistic innuendos......perhaps im reading wrong.......but if this is where hidden worlds emerge, i want in!!!

mayz said...

brilliant analogies....extremely well written!!! one of my favs

Shoonyata said...

Sift: understand what you say...but the world is not loveless...there is lots of it actually...just need to open oneself a wee bit

ra: all in the mind, my friend...join the party :)

mayz: thanks....

Mirandian said... mind wonders as to whom these curly tresses & the long lashes belong to!? ;-)

Prats said...

That sounded so ethereal!!

Sowmya :) said...

HI...nice meeting u at the blogger meet. Nice blog! Hv a nice day!!!

The Pseudonym said...

Great Meeting you at the blog meet . This poem is awesome.blogrolling you.

IRIS said...

Lovely play of words.