Friday, April 4, 2008

mushroom at a cemetery


safely buried

6 feet under

drugs, abuse and sex


some little softness

burnt to ashes

on which dogs roll

around funeral pyres


naked innocence

freshly bathed

left for vultures

on the mute towers

of indefference




sparkling eyes

hold back

hungry hands

reaching for

the spat chewing gum



the red flowers

in the hand

wither in shame



ra said...

of the dust that remains
what of it....?
like all that has come and gone, nothing exists

sahyadri said...

hold on to the this particle of life for a split second and then its gone....
beautiful images.

mayz said...

not commetin on d poem rather d pic on ur last posts...intriguing

R.E. said...

nice... it's like each line is a different poem/story all together... "back hungry hand reaching for the spat chewing gum"....
i like the randomness of it all