Wednesday, October 24, 2007

me and the sea---2

the sea-serpent
in calm waters
head still
and smiling
its coiled body
caresses the green darkness
deep below
bringing alive
some long dead and decayed
killing in its hug
some alive and pulsing
searching feeling loving learning
the depths
the time


Sathish said...

Isn't he still?

Mirandian said...

Your obsession with the limbless scaly elongate reptile.....I wonder why?!

Shoonyata said...

mirandian: I am fascinated by them...they are mysterious, sensual, spiritual, subtle in their expression of power :)))

moochhi said...

great serpent!
I wonder what you see..
the deep deep blues
in its many hues?
the living and the life
the excitement and the strife?
are there emotions in the water
do fish have tears?
do sponges listen
does the ocean have ears?
how free is free
do they have the equivalent of beer?
is life truly beautiful
is depression a known thing?
do you watch your child sleeping
and the wonder of his innocence?
do you see the future
is the innocence gone?
or is your world cool
in its happiness zone?
tell me o serpent
can you really see?
read the current in the ocean
and then please tell me.

Shoonyata said...

moochi : !!! :)))

This is beautiful...let us do some wine, and I will tell you of the fish tears i collected and turned to pearls :)