Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Wind and the Sea

today I hold your hand
today I walk with you
today i hold your hand
as the waves hold the wind
so close but not clinging
so far but fingers kissing
today i walk with you
not as shadow to a body
but as fragrance moves with memories
as images move on melodies
today I hold your hand
today i walk with you
today i smile at the same sunset
which paints a glow on you
free to float with the waves
free to ride the breeze
free to bathe in the stream
free to kiss the sunlight
with no chains and norms
with no whys and whynots
yet the rocks changing a bit
with the caress of each wave
and the beach made a bit smoother
with each kiss of the blowing breeze


mr giggles said...

today I will bash your site
today I will be mean

Today i bash your site
as the waves of laughter-hold my side
so close; its stinging
so far; my ears are ringing

Today I bash your site
Today I laugh in spite
Today i will



Mr. Giggles

akshay said...

deep. i'm afraid it will take time for me to tune in to your wavelength. however, time is one thing i am rich in :D

sai said...

nebulous end.
I shall infer no more - on what "today" meant w.r.t the shadows and the wind. ;-)
it may just be a musing over the past, recollected in the tranquility of your present...i suppose.

N said...

one thing i can never do - write poetry. so i admire anyone who can :)

thank u for ur comments. it means a lot to me.