Friday, May 18, 2007

Kiss of life

I would have your body
what use your mind
which plays war games
stinking corpses of reason
or your soul
perched on a tree top
waiting to pounce
on the passing god
keep your mind in the fridge
to chill
and drop your soul in the letterbox
to god
come, let me start loving you
with a kiss of life


MORGANA said...

come, let me star loving you with a kiss of life........
tremendo, me gusta mucho esta frase
por todo lo que significa.
Muchos besos y que tengas un hermoso finde.

Shoonyata said...

Gracias, mi amigo :)

This girl is said...

hey....ur poem was nice.....come let me start loing u with a kiss of life....really wonderful...

PS:do u know french...or what's that language???? a girl with big dreams but no plans....
bye....take care

T.N. Jayachandran said...

Both the poem and the drawing are fantastic. Congratulations.