Saturday, September 22, 2012

luminous night

night is still but not dark…there is sort of a luminous glow that fills the room…there is no light seeping in through the window shades from outside…it is the fragrance of a fleeting touch that is still burning the fingertips…making them smolder and glow like ambers in the fireplace in a cold winter night…like how they still glow when the lights are off and the wine is drunk and love is being made on the rug on the floor…so the room is bathed in that luminous glow…and the fragrance lingering from the touch gets mixed with that of slow burning flesh…as the fire spreads from the fingertips to the whole body…and what is held frozen inside slowly thaws…and it begins to trickle…small, small drops falling with a hissss on to the smoldering patches on the body on the inside…and I cannot see it, but can hear it…like the sound and feel of the light kiss of tender rain…time floats and sleep tiptoes up to the door, but wait in silence outside the room…very hesitant to intrude...

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