Monday, May 14, 2012

Dali and a molten lie

molten wings
of snow white birds
stain the crisp blue sky
molten smiles
of pin-up girls
hang in the sun to dry
molten flowers
on unburied coffins
wait for the corpse to die
molten words
on pale blue lips
drown the stifled cry
molten quill
in a shaky hand
paint a picture that lie


pavlova said...

Inspired by the poetry reading session?

Shoonyata said...

yes, maam..all that talk about him and the Gala series :)

moochhi said...


Hemant said...

If I leave
no trace behind
in this fleeting world
what than could you

( not my lines. read them somewhere and thought I'd share )

Shoonyata said...

Moochi: Thanks Moochi :)

hemant: Goodo