Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Harry Potter and I

the scar twitches
and the head aches
the soul peers to see
the dark moon in the well
the cold voice
fills the head
voices touch
the other world
i dwell
the magic flows
with the deft wand
manipulation power
subtle dominance
intensity that kills
emotions in the fetus
and feed the snake
in its endless slither
why need
the duel end?
whither again the joy
of sucking the fear
and feasting
on the agony
of a trapped soul?
those few visions
of a very real world
applaud the duels of
the living the dead and
yet to be born
lifting the being
good, evil
the ugly
for a fleeting
of the elusive


Savitha said...

I love this one !! read it..re read it.. and re re read it..

easily your best in recent times..

akshay said...

I'd like to borrow the book if you have it! :p

Nags said...

a poem on harry potter? wow!

and that was such a sweet comment you made on my blog :) thanks a mil :)

read the book yet?