Tuesday, June 5, 2007


my mind stays in a duplex
down is cream walls and pastel shades
upstairs is a bit more complex
Kafka's roach and Machiavelli's prince
rehearsing the script i wrote
before being eaten by 3 men in a boat
the world's stage is down
the minds plays' staged up
oh its tough, but its fun
and no one knows wassup :)


sai said...

should play this song to the guitar. kind of gruffy, achy voice with a rap-like rhythm would suit the mood....


kool k said...

mmmm... totaly cool!! though i didnt understand the 'being eaten up by men in a boat' part...its so amazing about how you made somethin as complex as the human mind into something so light.

kool k said...

totaly cool father! though i didnt understand the part about "being eaten by 3 men'...it was amazing how you made something as complex as the human into someything so light... ( and weird)

MORGANA said...

Muy mind stays in a universe¡¡¡¡

N said...

thank you so much for ur kind comment. i was quite moved by rosh's post thats why i posted it again on my blog..

by the way, i loved ur comment on ooopsmommy's blog. a comment thats a poem.. it was beautiful.

moochhi said...

I now know that doing a play is like drinking wine. The first glass hits you, osmoses through the body. The next few are mechanical, rehearsals over and over again - saying the same things, but not getting it right. The last glass is when it all comes together. The sepia feeling, it being right; just so; ready to speak to the world.

Is writing poetry like that too?

I can sense the edge of your poems, the broken-glass-bottle top stuck into the boundary wall. stay on top longer; it will then be better defined. We will feel the smoothness in the texture too.