Thursday, April 12, 2007

Visiting you @ home

cold solitude
smooth as green granite
clinging memories
dangling on faded frames
aromas of the past
creeping out of old recipies
sticky patches of depression
spreading like green fungus
stabbing flashes of yearning
lighting up your smile
a bubble waiting to be burst
by soft touch, breath or look
may I?


Sai Kothai said...


MORGANA said...

Of course¡¡¡
Que tengas un feliz fin de semana.

moochhi said...

memories are sticky,yes
they cling to the face.
images slowly growing
with the power of 2,
colours, sounds and laughter added.
sitting now wearing specs
the action in the past is hectic.
I am slim, I am fast, I am good looking and my beard is full and black
I still hope, dream for and yearn
not about the future, but about the past.

pearl said...

If you the one who sees the yearning and faded frames,then why do you wait to ask permission???

Nizhni said...

ah, the joy of pain!