Thursday, November 23, 2006

Life !

Life is a breeze and I am trying to grab the scent as it blows…….as one would grab the remnants of a dream before it fades, as one would linger on the look which races the heart beat , as one would etch the memory of the towering mountains before leaving the wilderness……scent comes in wisps…soft as a baby's touch and as pure as its smile…it is fleeting as the smile which touches the eyes, as haunting as the tune long forgotten…the scent of virgin rain on mud, the scent of mist rolling on the lake, the scent of sweat after love, the scent of invocation after the prayer, the scent of happiness as life blows…like a breeze


Nirmala said...

Nicey! Looks like I am the first visitor!! I like it - very romantic!

Life for me is not a breeze though...its got form and weight, sometimes frightening, sometimes fun but mostly quite uncomprehendable!

Mustafa said...

looks good. I like the black background.

at different periods of my life i have associated different elements to how i see life.

right now life seems to be a pond - inviting water, reasonably still, not knowing how deep, but sit on the side anyway and enjoy the breeze (your metaphor!). No wind though for me. everytime I hoist my sail and get prepared to launch my boat, the wind seems to get tamed and turn into a breeze....

shoonya is really like a bindu - that which is a whole and encompasses everything; as well as an infitisemal speck as a part of everything.

may this blog be both. all the best

N said...

thanks a lot for your visit and your comment on dublin :)

seems like you are very artistically inclined. wondering how you chanced upon my blog :)